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What is Breathwork?

When our bodies are under stress, our breath changes. Our breath becomes shallow and shorter which deprives our body of the oxygen we need in order to thrive. When we change our breath pattern to bring more oxygen in, we enter into a calmer state and our bodies come back into balance.

Think of it this way, as we breathe out, we are releasing toxins and built-up stress, and as we breathe in, we are bringing nourishment to our mind and body. 


Physical health benefits of breathwork may include:

  • Balanced blood pressure

  • More time in deep sleep

  • Reduction of PTSD and feelings of trauma

  • Stronger respiratory function

  • Better immune system

  • Release of stress hormones from your body


Emotional benefits may include:

  • Fewer feelings of depression and anxiety

  • Better mental focus

  • Decrease in addictive behaviors

  • Allowing emotional scars to heal

  • Better outlook on life

  • Contentment and joy


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